He who has a wonderful eye for a picture

My name is Antoine Beau Man, i’m Dutch and my Design and Photography Studio ‘New Born UFOs’ is located in Antwerp, Belgium. The studio itself is both the place where I work as where I live.
The Brand ‘New Born UFOs’ was founded in January 2012 and sprung from personal need and curiosity.
My biggest life goal is having a good time and that’s why I am deadly serious about making fun.

As a photographer I photograph people who I meet in daily life. Most of the time, people who I have never seen before.  I ask them if we can do an instant Photoshoot. No extra Make-up, no changing of clothes. Just the person how she or he is. In her/his own habitat.
On the other hand I photograph people who I know very well (friends and relatives).
Everyone can be a model.
Show me who you are, if you dare !

I was born in the late sixties, just before ‘The Summer Of Love’ made it’s appearance.
My parents had a atelier where they produced coats for Dutch Fashion Designer Edgar Vos and fashion retailer C&A. My mother always made sure me and my little sister looked sharp.

As as youngster I could spent hours and hours drawing.
Uncles/aunts and friends who visited the house told me to become an architect or cartoonist.

The first encounter with style was through music videos from the 70s and 80s.
Punk, Glamrock, New Romantic, New Wave .. it was a marveleous time with outrageous styles.

In the late eighties I bought my first SLR camera. Mainly to take pictures of my Gothic and New Wave friends.

Cheers !
Antoine Beau Man

New Born UFOs
Leningstraat 4
2140 Antwerpen
Belgium – Europe

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